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The PaganPaths Admin Board sets policy for PaganPaths and makes all decisions regarding the network. They can be contacted with any questions, comments, or concerns at admin-board{@}paganpaths[.]org.

Photo of dreamwalker dreamwalker: An eclectic Hermeticist in the Golden Dawn tradition. An Organic Farmer by day and IRC addict by night. A former computer consultant who became disgusted by a pre-release copy of Windows '95, stuck a 'Biohazard Waste' sticker on it, and fled back to the farm. You can read his Vox 'blog and see some of his Photography here.

AIM: R1ckM3

Photo of DrStrange DrStrange: The Master of the Mystic Arts. Apologies to Stan Lee and the Marvel Comics Group. Stop whining, Stan, it's free promo :p


PaganPaths relies on its Network Operators to keep order and assist our users with any problems they may have. They also assist in the setting and enforcement of Server Policies. You can usually find an Oper in the #Help IRC channel, or using your chat client, /join #help.

Photo of Gramps Gramps: A solitary but sweet, gruff, old Scottish troll. He is friendly and likes the company of humans. He is bald with no teeth and has some magical powers. He has 1 cat and lives in Mesa, Arizona.

ICQ: 168322214 / MSN: / Y!: grampsdatroll

Photo of Malgor Malgor (aka David): Network Installation Engineer (i.e., traveling geek), currently based out of Dayton, Ohio. In this incarnation I, the Small God of Sarcasm, have decided to inhabit an overly geeky, but relatively harmless, traveler. In doing so I have been able to maximize the spread of sarcastic witticisms and double entendres. I am also a husband to Annabelle, and a father to Roo!
AIM: Malgor

Photo of sekhemsekhem: sekhem is a solitary witch in southern U.S.A., a mom and grandma, with plenty of critters, and a love for plants and nature.

Photo of Murbella Murbella Computer geek, musician, pagan. She's a heroic system administrator by day, and by night she spends most of her free time lounging about at home, poking about on the web, listening to or making music, and thinking about the world around her. But that's not to say she isn't happy to help with computer stuff (or anything else, really) even when she's 'off duty'; she's always happy to help!

Photo of Calis Calis Calis is a paramedic from Indiana, USA. He spends his free time tinkering with computers, operating amateur radio, and hanging with his family. His interests are widely varied and he enjoys chatting about nearly anything.

Photo of Dawud Dawud lives in the wilds of British Columbia. He's studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is an accomplished homebrewer.

Photo of Verde Verde lives in the woods of South Central Ohio with dreamwalker and DrStrange. She is a Witch, and quite expert in the Tarot.
Y! verdeartemesia

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