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#PaganPaths, A place for friendly Pagans and non-Pagans to meet and chat. All paths welcome. Described in detail on the intro page.

#polypagans: a chat for the discussion of polyamory. If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of this word, please visit this site.

#mysticrealm: a place for discussion of some of the more technical aspects of Paganism / Witchcraft / Hermeticism and so forth.

#digitalgrove: for discussion of geeky technoid arcane computer stuffs. So we don't drive folk in the non computer oriented channels batty. Remember, not all Pagans are "TechnoPagans" ;o)

#Lesbeings: a channel for support and friendship in the Lesbian community. Friendly Lesbians and non-Lesbians alike. Reasonable males accepted at the discression of the other channel patrons.

#help, #opers: support and maintenance channels for the server. #help is where to get help with irc chat clients and such, #opers is where to find an op if you need to bring something up with them.

Anyone is welcome to form a channel here, provided that its operation falls within the guidelines set forth in our Policies. However, if you wish your channel to be granted 'Official' status, you'll have to work with us. Originally, only #paganpaths, #help and #opers (along with several now defunct channels, like #saplings, a Pagan Teen chat) were 'Official.' This is a part of Policy that has yet to be talked out, to have engaged in dialog. So, if you think you have an idea for a channel here, do please approach us!

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