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IRC Client Software

While we do have a JavaChat link to our main chat, it is advised that you download and install an IRC client program on your computer. These have additional features and are a little easier to use than the JavaChat, as well as generally more robust and flexible. A standalone client is recommended if you plan to visit PaganPaths on a regular basis. Keep in mind that these are suggestions and not recommendations. Try several until you find one that best matches your chatting style. The most popular IRC clients are:

Another source of information is  this Wiki. This is a comparative list of most, if not all, of the standalone clients available today

One of the advantages of IRC is that client software is available to access it from just about any platform available. Here's a partial list of clients for alternative platforms:

Another general source is IrcHelp.

Once an IRC client is installed, to access PaganPaths simply run it and type:
/server 6667 You will probably find someone in the channel who will help you configure the software further.

There are so many clients out there that keeping this listing complete would be nearly impossible, but we do try to include a selection of current IRC clients we are aware of. If you know of additional clients you believe should be listed here, please email dreamwalker {at} paganpaths {dot} org with the URL of the client's official Web site or a reliable location to download the software from.

NOTE: the mention of any particular Software does not imply an advocacy or recommendation for that particular title. Your Mileage May Vary.

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