PaganPaths IRC Network


There are three Services bots everyone should be familiar with on PaganPaths:

NickServ allows users on our net to register their nicknames and prevent other users from stealing them. Having a registered nick is essential to using the other Services bots.

ChanServ provides basic commands to control a channel (i.e., chatroom) and its functions.

MemoServ allows you to send brief messages to other registered users even when they're off-line.

In addition to the Services bots, we have help pages for:

JavaChat Gateway: How to set up our JavaChat Gateway on your own Web site for your own channel.

How To Register a Channel: A quick step-by-step guide on how-to register your very own channel.

If you'd like to access PaganPaths from a program stored on your computer instead of through the JavaChat, such as mIRC, you can see our IRC Clients page. It is preferable to use a 'stand-alone' chat client, they are typically much better than JavaChat.

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