PaganPaths Management and Guidelines for Operators and Admins

About New Servers Connecting to PaganPaths:

Anyone who wants to run a PaganPaths IRC server needs to have at least a 128 kbps ISDN connection online 24/7. As well he needs to be friendly and accepted by the PaganPaths Board.

All Administrators and IRC operators on the PaganPaths IRC Network will have same status on all servers. As a difference from other IRC networks that have local IRC operators on every server, all PaganPaths opers and admins will be global. The reason for this is that we want to have a close group of good IRC operators and administrators that if it is necessary will have the ability to do as much as possible for the PaganPaths Community.

For new servers connecting to PaganPaths the only new Admin for the net should be the one who runs the new server. Exceptions to this can be made if any special reasons should appear.

If the Server connecting to PaganPaths has been running for awhile before connecting to us and already has a few administrators and opers, most opers and admins other than the one who runs the server (who will remain an admin) can be accepted as opers on PaganPaths under the circumstances that they accept the changes and follow PaganPaths Guidelines.

About Decisions and Choosing New opers:

All decisions, including the appointment of a new oper will be decided by the PaganPaths Board.The board consists of the 7 first appointed Administrators that have the possibility to spend time and attend in the board's meetings.

This means that the Administrators in the board should be able to spend at least 1 hour a day, 5 days of the week on decisions concerning the PaganPaths IRC Network. Of course with exceptions for vacations, special holidays and other things that can show up in real life at times :)

A board member might be removed from the board if the remaining board members determine that the admin in question is on rarely enough that it is significantly slowing down decisions.

For a decision to be made or a new oper to be appointed at least 4 of the board members should be in favour, and depending on the decision to be made and reasons against the decision, 5 board members might be necessary for a change to go through.

If a big decision that could be of great importance for the whole PaganPaths IRC Network should have to be made, all PaganPaths Administrators that can be reached in a reasonable amount of time should have a Vote in the matter.

The reason for the above way of making decisions, instead of letting all administrators take part in all decisions made, is that we need to be able to make decisions in as short period of time as possible in order to be able to expand and offer the best network possible for the pagan community.

All new additions to PaganPaths are considered to exist only on a trial-basis for the first 30 days, including all new servers, board members, admins, opers, and so on. After the first 30 days, the admin board will vote on whether or not to add them on a permenent basis.

After the first 30 days, any opers and admins who act inappropriately will be given 2 warnings; after their third offense, they will be disciplined per the decision of the admin board. Note that warnings are considered null and void once a year and a day has passed for each offense; e.g., if someone received two warnings, once one year and a day has passed, these rules will apply as if they have only one warning against them, and after two years and two days, as if they have none. Opers or admins will not be promoted while they still have one or more warnings counted against them.

Disciplinary actions will generally depend on the severity of their offenses and their current position with the network. This may mean removal from the board, demotion, temporary suspension, permenent removal of their o:line, or even banning them from PaganPaths in the most extreme cases.

New operators:

New IRC operators will be chosen by the PaganPaths Board, and will be chosen among users that have shown to be a great asset to the Paganpaths IRC Network, are friendly and helpful towards other users and spend some time online at PaganPaths.

A IRC operator should be able to handle all situations with calm and patience, and make an effort to solve everything as smoothly and in the best way possible.

Once a new IRC operator has been chosen by the board there will be a 1 month trial period. After this period the board will meet again and decide if the oper should be made a permanent oper.

If any oper or Admin should misuse his/her privilege of being a operator or administrator on PaganPaths or in any way fail to follow the Guidelines, the board shall meet for a discussion and the oper in question shall be notified about what he/she has done wrong and be given a warning. If the act should be repeated or if the oper/admin by his/her actions are causing the PaganPaths IRC Network great damage his/her privileges will be removed. This will be decided by the board.

All opers are welcome to recommend someone that he/she thinks suitable for being an IRC operator to the board. However we will not accept applications for these posts!

If you do think you would be a suitable IRC Operator on PaganPaths and think that you have something to add to our network, you should try to help users in #PaganPaths channel, and in all ways try to be of help for the PaganPaths IRC Network.

This way we will notice you if we are in need of more opers and think you suitable, if so you will be notified after the board has taken it into consideration.

New Administrators:

New administrators will be chosen among the IRC operators if the need for more should arise. Everyone who is accepted to run a new PaganPaths IRC server will automatically become an administrator on the whole PaganPaths IRC Network.

Rules and Guidelines for admins and opers:

PaganPaths is a friendly pagan irc network where everyone should be welcome and be able to feel at home.

In accomplishing this our admins and opers will play a great part, and will have to act accordingly.

Opers and Admins should therefor always try to be helpful, and try to solve all problems that arise as smoothly as possible. Be polite and respectful.

Give the users the benefit of the doubt. If you have had a complaint about a user, ask them to tell you what the problem is themselves before you confront them about their reported behaviour.

Do not abuse your operator privileges, you should view all users as equals.

Operator privileges such as /kill and /kline are not to be used for fun or to brag about.

/klines or /kills are not to be used for personal reasons.

If an oper or admin is being harrassed by a user he should talk about this with other admins and opers who if necessary can give the user a warning, and if absolutely necessary perform a /kill command.

Placing a /kline or performing a /kill should always be seen as a last resort!

If at all possible the user should be msg'ed by an oper or admin and asked to explain, and if doing wrong should be asked to stop doing whatever he/she is doing.

If the user continues with the activity after being warned a /kick or /kline may be placed upon him/her.

If a problem should appear and there is more than one oper or admin online the oper or admin that has noticed or been informed of the problem should notify the other admins and opers about the problem and together try to solve the situation.

Try to keep logfiles of everything that happens leading to a /kline or /kick and when placed the board should be notified about this as soon as possible.

Everyone has bad days, and moments when one is perhaps not able to act in the best ways for the PaganPaths community. At these occasions you should stay away from the #PaganPaths channel, deoper, and point users that turn to you to another oper or admin.

Last and perhaps most important, be happy and try to have fun :)

Happy admins and opers will get more happy users...

Registered channels:

As PaganPaths is an IRC network for pagans by pagans, all registered channels should be related to paganism in some way, shape, or form. However, the admins recognize that paganism covers a broad variety of paths and interests, so some channels may actually be pagan-related even though it may not seem so to the admins; so, as long as the founder of the channel can give a reasonable explanation of why they feel that their channel is related to paganism and the admins can understand their viewpoint on the matter, the channel is acceptable, even if the admins would not personally consider the focus of the channel to be related to paganism.


The PaganPaths Administrators have a very low opinion of ultimatums, and have unanimously agreed that they will not bow down to the pressures of such tactics. If anyone feels the need to issue an ultimatum to the board, they are almost guaranteed not to get the response they were hoping for.