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ANAM HOLISTICS, earth healing, courses for the body, mind and spirit and dowsing and divining in rural Ireland

Crown Jewels....Strange Properties of StonesAfter 25 years, Crown Jewels will be closing its doors... Link to be removed.

WitchVox The witches voice. If you want to find pagans in your area they have it listed there as well as a lot of great info articles and links. They have as well many timely Current Events articals from folk all over the globe. An Excellent resource for Beginners and Experienced Practioners, whether they be in an organized 'society,' or Solitary, as many of us are.

Lance and Graals' Pagan Podcasts A Pagan talk radio with an attitude. RSS feed and new episodes posted frequently. Highly Recommended, Interviews with many famous and obscure authors, as well as intelligent discussion of many current topics in alternate spirituality and religion. If you've not listened to the whole series I'd suggest that you download them all, from the beginning. Good 'production values' throught, except in some of Jeva's early telephone interviews, which has fortunately been fixed. PaganPaths Admin-Board thinks so highly of Lance and Graal that we help sponsor it :)

The Unitarian Universalist Associationis a mainstream Religious organization that incorporates and acknowleges the teachings of "Earth Based" Spiritual practices. Worth checking out.
The Military Pagan Network The Military Pagan Network Inc. is currently the only organization dedicated strictly to the support of military Pagans, which includes veterans, retired, reserve, National Guard and dependent family members. We work to educate the military and maintain your rights to worship and assist you with any situations that develop.

The Pagan Web has been offering online education to the Pagan community since 1996. Join us to participate in online rituals,workshops and chat groups with people from all over the world.

GreenPeace A Great organization, working to better our planet for us and future generations.

Pagan Pride An organization that fosters awareness through education and works. The Pagan Pride Project sponsors Pagan public Equinox rituals and charity drives every September.

Mystic Wicks online Pagan Community.


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