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In an effort to spread the word about the on-line Pagan community of PaganPaths, we've created a flyer which we're trying to get posted in places where interested Pagans might see. If you'd like to help by posting our flyer at shops in your area, send an email to and tell him whether to send you the color or black & white version. You'll need a program that can read .doc files (e.g., WordPad or MS Word) and a printer. If you don't have access to a printer include a mailing address and how many flyers you want.

How to connect to PaganPaths: If you have an IRC client already the address is port 6667 or port 6667

If you do not have an IRC Client here are a list of places you can download one.

Once downloaded and installed you can add the above address to the server list in mirc click File then Setup click the Irc server tab then click Add. and in the appropriate places put the following values.

Description: PaganPaths Fond Du Lac, WI, USA

IRC Server(s):

Port(s): 6667


Description: PaganPaths Toronto

IRC Server(s):

Port(s): 6667

Then click Add then Connect to IRC server.

or to connect type /server 6667 or /server 6667 in the status window.

Thank you for visiting PaganPaths I hope you will enjoy your stay.

For information about adding a new server .

For information regarding adding Admin and Opers.

For information regarding new Admin.

For information regarding new opers.

For information regarding regulations.

For information regarding Registered Channels

For information regarding Ultimatums